Pelican feeding. They are full of character these ones.

The fish and chips shop feed them every day the scraps that are left behind. The lighter coloured ones are the young ones

Then we had lunch. I bought a grill pack for 2 and 4 extra scallops. It costed me near $50.

The bridge that we took later to get over to the island.

Afterwards we went to visit a farm. The animals are so cute.

Loved the babies.

Couldn’t get enough of them.

We learnt jersey cows can produce up to two pails of milk a day.

We also learnt shearers earn about $3.40 shearing a sheep. They can shear up to 300 a day if they are fast.

The world record is set at around 800 a day by a New Zealander.

Then it was on to whip cracking. My son got a go at it.

I didn’t expect the kids to enjoy the farm experience that much. It was to fill in the time before the penguins.

Since I saved 25% off the farm experience with my road side assist, everyone got a hot drink.

I was going to let them go go carting but we didn’t have enough time. I guess we could have as the penguins were late in. We were at the penguin place by 4pm.

The penguins came in around 6pm. Then I drove to Springvale for dinner. We all had noodle soup.

Today we are off to Arthur’s Seat.