We caught the Eagle up to the top. Saves driving on winding road all the way up.

This is it up close.

One of the sculptures that was there. He’s a Victorian artist.

Here’s another.

More can be found at his sanctuary


The views from up top

It’s yucky weather so can’t see much. It would be a great place to be in Summer. There are walks that you’d go on and BBQ and picnic areas

Then we headed off to Dromana for lunch. It was yum. Sorry no photos. The kids did take some.

We wanted tapas and the place was closed thus we ended up with pizza close by.


We ended up with a smoked salmon pizza, garlic and cheese focaccia, grilled octopus, rocket and pear salad and the marinara pasta. It was a big lunch.

After that to Mornington to go art hunting. I wanted to visit a gallery to look at a photograph. On the internet it looked nice enough. Up close it didn’t have the wow factor so guess not.

I love old buildings. How cool is this one?

My daughter drove us all home as I was that tired.

We ended up having chicken and corn soup for dinner. I cooked. They’ve got half a pot left. None of us was hungry. As for my son if he’s hungry there’s left over bangers and mash.

I left the girls baking. The oldest wanted scones and the youngest wanted to make more brownies.

I had to leave early so I’d miss the road blocks. Still it took me 42 minutes to get back with no tolls.