I HATE having to stick to a budget or any restrictions for that matter.

Why can’t we fly? Or roam freely?

I know why. Because then this world will be chaos. No order whatsoever.

I’ve kind of rein in my budget. Kind of. Today I went in to check on my toll account.

My dodging tolls worked marvellously. From $125-150 a month I only paid around $40 last month.

I haven’t been using much. I only use toll to go to work and even then I’ve limited it to only in the morning so I’m not late for work.

At night I just go the long way. As long as I get back before 9pm there’s no road works.

As for my phone bill I can’t do much about it. I need to wait til my plan expires in October-November. The penalty to move out of the plan costs too much. It doesn’t make sense.

I’ve gone in and rejigged my settings as for some reason the last few months it’s been hogging data.

Once I hit October I’ll move to a casual plan. I’ll also get NBN for my apartment so it’s unlimited data.

The biggie is electricity. I’m more conscious now and using less. I’ve swapped plans and also asked to have my meter reconfigured for $62. It will go on to single rate which will be cheaper in the long run as I don’t use much off peak.

Anyhow every bit counts plus I’d rather be warm than using toll roads.

Apart from all that I’ve accepted 1.5 weeks of relieving work. 6 days extra means 6 weeks of extra money in my pocket since I only work 1 day a week.

I think I’m doing okie.