He’s indeed a knight in shiny armour. Except not mine 😊

He pretty much dragged me out walking and I felt better for it. We walked from Port into South Melbourne so I can collect mail before walking to the tram stop on St Kilda Rd.

It’s nice to stretch my legs and just not think about anything. I sneaked into the city and had laksa before heading home.

I’m now home relaxing on my bed.

I filled the holes and sanded it back. Have taped my window. I did all this whilst waiting for Mr Walkies this morning.

May be I’ll paint it in the morning before heading off on the walk. There’s a 6km walk I want to do tomorrow. If I do it tonight I’d have to go sleep on the wall bed.

Not sure if I want to. Might as well I guess. I just want stuff done and not hanging over my head.

One good thing I think I’ve got enough points now for my CPD. I think even over the minimum. I might do more when I have time.

My in charge has just asked me to relieve her for a week and a half end of this month.

Wasn’t keen but I need to as it’s my livelihood. I have to show them I’m useful 😩

One good thing ? I’m going to save that money towards Paris for next year or year after.