I’m stuffed today. From the theatre list it looks okie? I hope. I ran around and did most of the counselling last night.

Left all of the discharges upstairs for the nursing staff to give out this morning.

Thus at least this morning it’s not so bad until the day stay cases comes out.

Problem is don’t think all that are due to go this morning I had scripts for. Which can only mean one thing. It’s going to come down this morning.

My knees are feeling it this morning.

Late yesterday a nursing student approached me. She and her placements would like to interview me today.

I told her look I’m pretty busy as each day is different depending on the theatre lists.

Probably only time available is around 1-2pm? After our lunch? As the afternoon theatre list doesn’t start til 1:30pm. Which means the patients don’t resurface again til 2pm.

They need to have questions answered as part of their clinical rotation. I’m happy to do that for them. Just another thing to squeeze into my busy day.

I’ve been sleeping really well the last few nights. Going to bed at 11pm and getting up at 6am.

Either that or the dessert wine I have every night makes me drowsy and sleepy.

Need to get back to sleeping at the same time and waking up at the same time. I’m more productive that way.

Bob the Builder came last night for dinner. I love the way he eats. He’s like a little kid with food. He can eat!!! He tells me he’s lost another kilo. Told him it’s gone on to me.

We are okie. Told him I’m never ever ever going to get married again. Ever.

I think he gets it I hope. I don’t like to hurt people. I think we are better as friends.