I’m very tired. Also have caught Bob the Builder’s cold. We didn’t kiss or nothing and yet I still caught it.

Today I’m going to struggle. It’s supposed to be quiet though in the hospital system you never ever utter the Q word because anything goes. It can change as quickly.

I was way early this morning. Sitting in the car relaxing before work. Just easier to take half an hour to get to work rather than the other day. It took me an hour on Wednesday!! As there was an accident on the freeway. Silly me exited and got caught at every red light.

Last night I already prepared for next week. Today I’ll have to go find more work to do to make next week even easier.

The trick to working here is to be prepared as possible. We work ahead. Anything that can be dispensed or ordered beforehand we do.

As some days you wonder how you’d get through with the mountain of work.

I’ve had a quick squiz not wiz as Bob the Builder told me..and next week is doable.

Wiz means you’re doing a pee 😂 squiz is to check it out 😂