It’s going to be a struggle next week. I took the kids out last night to dinner.

Came back to their place or my old place to find his friends has taken my parking spot.

Asked my son to move their car. Rang him up to tell him please leave the spot free!!! Also threatened him again.

Well I’m over it so will order the bollard to be installed. Not only I’m going to do it. I’m going to pay for it out of the joint account 😩

Yesterday we had a near crisis. Not enough antibiotics. Never assume!!!

I thought we dispensed a box of ten 2g vials as the patient was on 3 doses of 2g a day!!!Turned out we only did a box of 1g vials. Then the technitian only ordered in 5 more vials.

Calculating the vials yesterday the patient only had enough for 2 doses today (Saturday). Since we close for the weekend they’d be stuffed.

It was a mad rush to go borrow. I was like I should have been more on the ball!! I just assumed the tech ordered enough. She only ordered to the max level for the shelf 😩

In the end we managed to secure 6 of 2g vials from another hospital which was enough for the weekend.

We found 2 more 1g vials in the after hours cupboard for Monday’s dose.

The 5 that came in the order , 4 went into the after hours cupboard. 1 went on the shelf.

It meant I have 2 more doses for Monday. She’s ordered 5 more of the 1g for me. That will come in on Monday morning

So I’ll have enough to see me through til Tuesday’s afternoon. We can sort out the crisis on Monday 😩

I didn’t want to order the 2g as it’s not something that we keep. Plus the patient might not be on it come Tuesday.

Plus it’s end of the month!! So can’t order more than maximum level as head office will ask WHY???

Moral of the story… never assume.. work ahead when possible.

The only reason the other hospital gave us the vials was probably because I lent them a drug they were desperate for!! They couldn’t get it in for a case by Monday morning just that afternoon.

I knew I had no cases in the coming week requiring that drug hence I lent it out. Plus I still had a vial left in the fridge. If I get my tech to order one more it will come in on Monday anyway. I had nothing to lose lending it out.

The other reason was may be they had the 6 sitting on the shelf and not using it. If they get rid of the vials their costing goes down for end of the month.

Now for 5 full days next week. Not looking forward to it one bit. I’ve done as much as possible..still. Not as fit as I used to be and not being able to sleep properly is doing me in 😩

I need to get up soon to go make breakfast for my youngest. We’re having a home cooked bacon and egg, mushroom, spinach , avocado kind of breakfast with berries.

She’s having ice skating early today so we need to get out of the house by 8am.

Will have to catch up on my sleep tomorrow.