I woke at 5:20am then the next thing I knew the alarm went off at 6am.

I feel okie this morning. A bit cold. The forecast is single digit for the last few mornings of July.

Two months of Winter nearly done. Only a month to go.

Am I looking forward to Spring. Yesterday was a lovely day. Although it got to only 15C it was sunny and glorious.

I wish I could go somewhere warm just to warm these old bones up. To just feel warm.

This weekend I have nothing on apart from the kids coming to stay.

Today I’m going to order a bollard for my parking spot. I’ve had enough of him. It’s like the message doesn’t get through or something.

Am I being unreasonable? Probably a little since I don’t live there anymore. It’s still my parking spot. I still own half of the building.

All these years of me coming back and no parking spot. The string has finally broke the camel’s back.

It only occurred to me recently how much respect he’s been paying all these years. Not much. His staff parked there. Everyone parked there when it’s my spot.

He didn’t care less that I didn’t have a park. Just like when we were first married. He would lend out my car to his sisters without discussing it with me first.

I’d ask where’s my car? Oh I’ve lent it to my sister ……