Not sure how I’ll cope with mad Wednesday. Or today. I’m that tired despite going to bed at 10pm.

Yesterday we had another sick medical patient. The surgery didn’t go well last week. Thus I was running around trying to locate IV drugs thus didn’t get as much as I would like done for today.

And yesterday was supposed to be quiet. All hell broke loose.

First a nurse wanted all her infusions at 8am instead of at 9am. Then another wanting suppositories soon after. I was like what?

I’ve still got a query to get back to them as didn’t do it yesterday..forgot. Nothing urgent.

Then a clinic wanted a dye to be ordered in.

Late last night someone wanted 3 Botox and I’ve only got one in the fridge. I had to order 2 more late. Not sure when they are coming in 😩

Oh well today is another day. Chemo all ordered for Thursday. Tech was getting stressed out and so was I. I told her to order it as we need it here by Wednesday. Dose looked okie. Weekly doses are smaller than 3 weekly dosing.

Our specialist is pretty funny. She’s very laid back. She asked the nursing staff if there was a doctor on at night ? To look after her two sick patients as she wanted them alive 😂

I over heard the coordinator ringing another hospital as I left. I think they are transferring the sick one.

Which means I don’t have to go order more IVs. I held off yesterday as it’s expensive and they had enough til Thursday.

Guess I’d better soldier on. Counting down til the weekend. I think my in charge booked her surgery right on week 1 for a reason. Week 1 of the hospital’s cycle is always busy 😩 then it tapers down.