We’ve chatted for awhile and well we got on. So when he asked me out on a date I agreed.

And of course we exchanged numbers. It’s only when I picked up the phone and heard a thick Indian accent that’s when alarm bells started ringing.

I’m not attracted to Indian men. To me I had this view that they are arrogant, selfish and chauvinistic. Thus no way in my right mind would I go out with them.

Anyhow since I accepted I couldn’t very well say no. And to make matters worse the plan was for him to pick me up from my place.

In the end I ended up visiting my parents and texted him look I’ll meet you at the restaurant since their place is close by..not.

It turned out to be a nice evening. I couldn’t understand half of what he’s said. He even offered to pay for the meal to which I declined. He then drove us to ice cream.

This was his gift to me. And to think I nearly chickened out.

Guess my way of thinking helps. What is there to lose? When you’re starting out with zero anyway?

If there’s no expectation then there’s no disappointment.