Mr Indian was wanting to know what’s the perfect dating profile?

I don’t know. Guess the photo? I check out if they are fit? Or average at least? Have hair or bald ? Own teeth ?

I also check out to see if they are tall. I’m a sucker for tall men.

Any photo that’s taken in the bathroom gets a left swipe. I mean seriously ?

If the background looks messy or looks like they live in the slum also earns them a left. It means they are slobs.

With that aside I then look for the next bit.

If they have young kids or want more kids they get an automatic left swipe immediately. It’s a big ask.

If they live too far away it’s also a left swipe.

If they do lots of sport or a gym junkie then also a left.

Lawyers and law enforcements gets a left.

It doesn’t leave me with too many choices 😂