How much room does a single person need? Not much I think.

I wouldn’t mind an extra bedroom if I had the dough. But then what would I do with it?

I could rent it out but can I live with another person? Nope

I can use it to hang my wet clothes. Now that would be really nice not having racks in my bedroom.

I’m kind of envious of Bob the Builder’s place. It’s like a 2 bedrooms house. Not envious of the area though.

The kids can come and stay and have their own space. But then is it a wise idea? May be not.

At the moment I think it’s nice that we all congregate in the living area. We’d have munchies, snacks and watch TV together or just hang.

Since there are usually 3 of us they take turns to sleep on the wall bed. One week my son, the next my daughter.

Sometimes she’ll take the sofa. Sometimes she’ll bunk in with me.

For once there’s no room for them to go hide.

So may be this one bedroom will do me. Mr Boardie reckons it’s the perfect size.

As for me it’s wishful thinking. I just need to learn to put stuff away so it doesn’t look messy. That way I don’t bump into things.