Found this beauty today. I also discovered a secondhand book shop.

I splurged. One of the books I bought. $67 later I got away with a pile of books.

How cool is this one?

The joker

His girl friend ?

Golfing around.

Spent the afternoon with Mr OKC. We had coffee and shared a Cronut. Then we went wandering.

I took him all over Melbourne. We ended up with udon for dinner.

I love it that it’s so easy with him. He’s goofy and he doesn’t take offence. We just give each other heaps 😂

Anyhow he’s okie. I told him he passed the fitness test 😂 my legs are killing me and I think he went for a walk before we went walking.

We didn’t finish the date til after 6pm. We started at 2pm.

PS. He shyly took my hand. His hand was cold.