What a glorious day. I took off walking after on the phone with Mr OKC.

Our communications are pretty relaxed I find. It comes naturally and he’s very considerate. He’d ask before he rings me.

We’ve tied in another date for tomorrow. At 2pm. Not sure what we are doing as yet. I’m supposed to plan it.

Mr Indian texted me and asked how I was going. I told him I’ve deleted the app. And how I’ve found Mr OKC. So he’s made his exit.

Bob the Builder has just texted to say he’s made it to the Gold Coast. It’s funny that he texted.

I’m waiting for my pizza and then I’m off home to sort out my mess. It should be finished soon.

It’s part of my lunch. As already popped in a sausage in bread when I was at Bunnings πŸ˜‚

The rest will be for dinner or breakkie. Or I might freeze it for more meals.

One thing about living alone is that I need to finish off my food πŸ˜‚