I’m a patient today. I got to the clinic before 9:30am with a lot of mucking around.

I was supposed to tram it to Swanston St and then change trams.

Problem was when I went to touch on, my Myki was declined. I was like what? It’s a yearly 😩

So had to get off at Southern Cross station to ask what’s wrong. The story is yesterday I used it to go to Ballarat for my PD and the lady at the counter didn’t top it up enough to cover my regional trip.

Thus I was $3.80 in the negative. Once I topped up I was good to go.

Since I wasted minutes at the counter and walking in to the station I decided to catch a train to Melbourne Central to save time.

Then it was a quick dash to the trams from there to the clinic.

The clinic is very well run. First you fill out your intimate details on the computer. Then you go to the counter to update your Medicare card details etc.

After that you’re seen by a triage nurse who then will refer you on if needed. Ie for blood tests or examinations by a doctor.

Once that’s done if they think you need treatment you’re sent to the pharmacy to get your treatment.

The consultation is free for all regardless of if you’re an overseas visitor or an Australian. Your medications are also free.

I like going there as opposed to a GP as they are respectful, non-judgmental and everyone is treated the same.

I’ve had bad experiences with GPs. One actually said out loud people in this area must be getting a lot of sex lol

Friday 16/8/19