Okie here goes. Might as well spill the beans. Mr OKC spent the night in my bed.

What happened?

Okie so we met for dinner. We had souvlaki at my local joint. Then we went to Coles to buy biscuits and fruits and we went back to my place for a cuppa.

One thing led to the other and we ended up in bed. And since it was late after we did the deed I didn’t feel right sending him home on the tram knowing it will take him more than an hour to get home.

So I bit the bullet and offered him my bed.

Ummm he snored 😩 he also jerks his leg 😩

One good thing he can still get it up 😂 the other is he’s as big as Mr Walkies or bigger 😂

Told him he’d need to improve on his kissing.

He told me I’m his hamburger with the lot. I was like what? His reply was..you know they are tasty 😂

One thing for sure I think I’m sensitive to the latex. Have opted for the Skyn brand.