I have this weird relationship with Bob the Builder. We both know we are not compatible yet we keep at it. I don’t know what to call it? It’s not friends, it’s not lovers either. Somewhere in between.

He rang me yesterday and of course I didn’t answer as I didn’t realise.

Then he rang me again today and well I was asleep. I didn’t sleep very well last night due to me having been woken up at 3am by Mr OKC wanting a cuddle.

I’m not used to sleeping with another through the night. The cuddles were nice. I just like my bed to myself now 😂 how quickly we adapt considering I only moved out in March.

Anyhow I rang him back and I told him I had company. He was like you were on a date?

I told him may be. Anyhow he guessed as he knew I only have birthday celebrations with my friends.

So told him about how Mr OKC calls me his hamburger with the lot.

He got on his high horse and said you don’t call someone that after 3 dates ? Little did he know we’ve slept together or that we get on really well together.

Anyhow looks like he wants to see me on Saturday night. He only mentioned that after he asked if I had plans with Mr OKC.

Well Mr OKC will be camping all weekend in Castlemaine somewhere 😂 I don’t envy him since it’s freezing cold. Castlemaine is in the woop woop.

If you look on the map it’s North West of Melbourne. The blue dot is where I live 😂

As for Bob the Builder he’d better behave. He’s very sneaky. He said he wants to see my apartment with my new blinds in etc etc 😂 It’s not like he’s seeing me 😂 just my apartment 😂

On that note it’s my bed time.