This was from my ex husband’s niece.

You know how they say better the timber than the paint? ** Well it’s not true.

If the timber hasn’t got a coat of lacquer or paint on it to protect it who’s going to buy it?

She was trying to convince me to beautify myself up to try and catch a man 😂 a rich man 😂

She told me off too. Saying I go around in runners and pants , looking like a man. She was like two men can’t be together 😩 it would look funny 😩

I told her why should I? If I have to put on make up I’ll attract the wrong sorts that would want me to put make up on all the time. Then where would I be?

Anyhow have promised her I’ll put on a dress for Thursday for lunch and may be some lippy 😩

**a Viet saying meaning that character is more beautiful than the exterior beauty.