Apparently my car is not going to be finished til 2:30pm.

It means my plans are going out the window. The guy was like I’ll try and get it done by 1pm 😩

He was very interested in me being single 😩 He looks Indian and youngish.

What the? 😩

Anyhow have found food so I’m tucking into my mini nachos, $10 lunch.

And then off to the library, which is part of the centre to study or I can just find seats along the way and just plonk myself there.

Also there’s a cinema here as well. Nothing to watch though 😩

Guess forced studying it is then πŸ˜‚

Very convenient I must say. Just a long way to come. Took me near an hour today. It means I save $250 with my $99 service. The bill was going to be $350 or around there.

And I get a complimentary car wash.