It’s 2:36am. Can’t sleep so I’m up. I meant I slept and now up. Guess I’d better get back to sleep.

Got a date with Mr OKC today.

I woke up missing stuff. This divorce has made me realised how much I missed having someone look after me.

I am responsible for myself now. It’s hard work. I’m struggling some days.

I miss not having to worry about the budget.

I miss cuddles..

Most of all I miss my kitchen. I miss my pantry. I miss all of my kitchen storage. I miss how convenient it was.

I guess I’m not used to this space as yet. I’ll get there eventually. My life motto..accept or change.

I’m still changing slowly to make this place HOME.

Home is now this one bedroom apartment. It’s not much but it’s home. It’s where I go home to sleep after a day of work.

It’s where I’ll be making memories.