Life. I had a reminder yesterday to “LIVE” You see one of my patient was dying. By the afternoon they’ve decided to make her palliative.

It means no more active treatment. No more IVs just medications to make her comfortable.

The nursing staff were all stressed. One nurse came down after lunch saying none of them have had a break.

It’s because even though she’s on her last leg she still wanted to go walkies down the corridor. It’s to stop her waiting to die.

For her to do that needed the assistance of two staff members and it’s a long and arduous task because she’s frail.

In doing so it meant they were behind all day.

I’m glad she’s palliative. From the goss the daughter is a senior nurse at a well known hospital and she didn’t want to let her die. She was holding on.

Yet the order on the nursing notes was clear. The mum did not want ICU. She didn’t want anymore treatments.

It made me sad. When family hold on and not wanting them to go. I remembered one time I had a lady in and every day she would be crying. She was like I want to die and my family won’t let me.

Thus she was stuck “living” in a life that’s not really a life.

Today I woke up early. Even with the reminder I can’t seem to get my gears into action. I should be out there celebrating life.