My kids came for a visit. They told me off for saying that he might be the one. May be they are right in saying that.

It’s not like I’ve spent very long with him. It’s not long at all. 4 dates? Pfffffff.

We also discussed about Father’s Day how my oldest is making a roast and the youngest baking sultana cup cakes. The youngest was like mum come for dinner.

I’m not sure if I should as it’s his day not mine.

After dinner we usually have dessert and then we’d watch a movie. Since I don’t have Foxtel or Netflix it’s whatever is on TV. Over here it means a small selection of channels.

Let see channel 2,7,9, 10 and the SBS. Well there are variations but they pretty much show the same thing.

Tonight there was nothing on so using my wifi data my son got into Netflix on his lap top.

They usually let me choose. We ended up watching You’ve Got Mail. It’s such a classic. I’ve watched it many a times and it’s still good.

That’s pretty much our routine now. Tomorrow we will get up early. I’ll make them breakkie and off we’ll go.

I won’t see them til Tuesday unless I head back for dinner on Sunday. I’ll probably will just to appease them.