To it. I’m going to study today and tomorrow. Mr OKC is coming to dinner on Monday since he’s got Monday and Tuesday off. Tuesdays I have the kids.

I’d better confirm. I’m going to go back for dinner tomorrow night so I’m going to start making dessert today.

I’ll do the sprinkles and then tomorrow I’ll make the rest. That way it will keep and we can have it for dessert on Monday.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the market and grab some fish. I think he likes seafood. That way we can have rice paper rolls with baked salmon.

He also likes coconut milk šŸ˜‚

I’m going to woo him with my cooking skills šŸ˜‚

My go to dessert. The wild glutinous rice takes about half an hour to make. Trick is to boil it on high heat to break open the husks.

The coconut milk is just coconut milk, some corn flour and a little water to thicken it.

The sprinkles consists of peanuts, sesame seeds, salt and sugar.

It’s a big fiddly as have to roast the peanuts and sesame seeds. need to soak as it doesn’t make a diff šŸ˜‚ because of the husks šŸ˜‚

Depends on batch of rice. If too thick add more water etc..

I usually do 2-3 times the amount. Feeds a lot of people šŸ˜‚