From the internet.

Lately I’ve been looking introspectively. Who am I? Am I worth it as a person? Have I accumulated too many bad habits from the last near 50 years as a person?

Internet dating does it to you. Mr OKC has done a runner πŸ˜‚ He hasn’t replied to my message hoping he went out for a walk since it was a nice day.

I’m not sad about it. It’s funny how as soon as you mention the M word they run for the hills.

I’m not the marrying kind still I want someone to grow old with. Not someone that’s estranged. Someone single lol

Mr Boardie reckons I’m a romantic when I told him that even though I’m not the marrying kind it would be nice if someone pops the question ? It’s like they like me enough..warts and all to ask me to marry them πŸ˜‚

Blame it on the Mills and Boons I used to read whilst growing up.

I still believe in love despite everything..