I’ve been meaning to bake. Made 24 and ate 3 for lunch πŸ˜‚

They have brown onion, asparagus, bacon, spring onion, cherry tomatoes and shredded cheese.

I bought the wrong puff pastry 😩 supposed to buy the usual and bought low fat instead.

The egg mixture is just 4 eggs to 1.5 cups of milk and some ground pepper.

Then into the oven for 10 minutes at 200C and another 10 minutes at 160C to set.

They are yummo. I’ve freezed the rest for when the kids come or for lunch.

Took myself for a walk as the sun was out.

A street library.

I was naughty. This kitchen store is like heaven on earth. It’s got 2 levels of just about anything you could think of. $95 later I came out with 2 mixing bowls, a cutter, a jug and 24 ramekins.

After that I went home to off load my heavy bags and went to pay my bill. I forgot to pay it when I went to collect my mail.

Then it was to the supermarket to stock up on baking stuff..flour, sugar, butter etc also bought another cupcake tin so if I ever make quiches again I can bake as one batch.

Tonight I’m making myself go dancing. Have found a dance studio near by. They hold Zumba fitness classes on a Monday night. It’s $15 for the hour.

Need to get back to being fit and happy. These days I seem to try and cheer myself up more than anything else. It’s a worry.