Mr Walkies came over this morning. And we had a quickie. He’s so naughty as he’s just started a new job.

Looks like he’ll be late this morning πŸ˜‚ We haven’t met for a few weeks now as he stepped aside so I could have time to get to know Mr OKC.

It was nice to see him again.

No MCG buggying this weekend. I’m off dancing on Saturday night. The organiser is actually single and looking. That’s why he organises meetups to find a girl. Except he’s socially awkward as πŸ˜‚ It’s going to be huge. The last I looked 100+ has signed up but then in reality probably only half will turn up.

Zumba last night was interesting. A lot of high impact but I did okie. Haven’t danced for 6 months so feeling a bit yuck. I survived.

It’s actually not as tiring as the other one I go to. It’s fast but it’s quick.

Met some new people. I’m one of the oldest in the group. It’s funny going from one of the youngest to one of the oldest.

The girls are quite friendly so all good. I was glad I went last night. That will be a regular Monday night occurrence now.

Today I’m heading back to cook for the kids after I sort out my place. It’s messy as. Need to wash and find room for my new buys.

Then back to cook. I also need to talk to ex about the divorce. Not going anywhere. It’s frustrating.

I can understand he’s busy’s like if I don’t do it nothing gets done.

Need to go to Telstra too to sort out my phone contract. It’s nearly due for renewal.

I feel better today. The exercise did the sex πŸ˜‚