I’m still up. Haven’t been to bed as yet 😂 I went to a meet up and well one thing led to the other the girls dragged me to Crown to go dancing 😂

At 3am we took the tram back to my stop and I drove my neighbour home. The other girl said she wanted to stay to dance some more.

I mean at 3am? She told us the other club next door plays til 6am 😂

I’ve since had a bowl of instant noodles and some tea.

I’m stuffed..bed soon.

I went on a coffee date this afternoon. He looked better in real life. We chatted for 2 hours.

He sent me this after..

Lovely to meet, V. You have a warm and sunny outlook on life. I found chatting so easy. It would be nice spending some more time together over time. P:)

He’s a consultant, well educated, loves the theatre, loves politics, lives in a nice area with adult kids.