I can’t remember a time when I stayed out past midnight.

It was interesting. We’d get our drinks then danced. Circled around the club to see if we can spot any potentials 😂

One guy was interested in my neighbour thus we ended up with a bottle of nice champagne. She danced with him later on but that was that. She’s very tall thus was taller than him.

Then like K says ,our party girl, at 2am when they wind down the men become vultures. They’d swoop down on the girls to find their dates for the night or morning 😂

There was a lot of tongue kissing and snogging. It was a sight to be seen.

I was so tired all I wanted was my bed. Stuffed the men. My two companions are cute and pretty thus they got a lot of attention.

K called us Charlie’s angels since I’ve got black hair, J is brunette and K a blonde.

I’m the shortest then K then J. J is really tall at 5 feet 10. And she wears heels on top 😂 I’m only 5 feet 1 😂

She was like V you can’t take the tall ones as I won’t have anyone 😂

I met J at a meet up and J met K on Bumble. We three all lives within a block of each other.