For all the bravados I’m panicking badly inside.

I’m not ready for this tour guiding thing. I feel so unprepared despite all the reading and note taking.

Anyhow I’ll have to read more. In that I’ve got to discover all possible routes of Melbourne that the coach can take.

Apparently as a guide I can discuss with the driver where to go within reason. Work with them as they can only go on roads with no hindrance ie low clearance.

My teacher suggests I go for a drive around at the time the tour is on to sus out the traffic.

My classmate suggests I go book myself in for a tour. So I’ll do that. I’ll do both.

There are lots of road closures because of new infrastructures which means traffic. And routes needs to be altered.

Today I’m getting back into gear. At least now I have a clearer image in my head of the gaps that I need to fill in.