Will be kids. The kids just phoned to say they will be rock climbing near me. The oldest asked if I wanted to go out for ice cream?

I was like can you guys bring ice cream to me? I don’t think they realised their poor mum has been up since 5:45am and it’s been a very long day.

A stressed out day. The hospital was chock a block. Admissions everywhere. The nurses were happy especially the young ones since they are getting shifts. No patients means no shifts means no money.

Where as this week I’m working extra. Instead of 2 days I’m only doing 1. I can’t be bothered. I need time to study. No more going out.

Have since booked 3 tours to go on. I need to work out the logistics of it all. I wished I had paid more attention in class 😩

Next week I’m working 4 days. Three days 10-3pm and my usual 8-6pm. It’s going to be a long week.

Mr Consultant is still chatty. Though I don’t feel anything. More like a pen pal 😊

The kids wanted a photo of him so I showed them. They were like he looks just like a mouse mum. Come to think of it he does 😩

My kids are awful. Guess they’d never approve of anyone I take home.