My friend D tells me I shouldn’t use that word as it’s got two meaning.

He’s awful. He came to the bar half drunk and then he drank some more. Then the inappropriate stuff came out. He was touching me everywhere. Which I let him off since I know what he’s like

So told his friend to take him home. His friend then told me off for inviting him then shooing him to go home. I was like well he’s drunk. He came with you? What an arse hole.. excuse the language. Anyhow annoyed at both of them. Never again.

We tried out the Oxford Scholar a bar near RMIT. Apparent all the IT people goes there.

I met a farmer and we went back to his apartment and well we had sex lol.

He was really nice he walked me back to the Garden State Hotel another bar to meet up with the girls.

The Garden State is usually full of suits.

I’m starting to like the bars now. I don’t drink much. I only had one drink last night . It’s more the live music. It’s also nice to have girls to go out with. As we share a ride home together.

The farmer lives interstate so ummm it’s probably a one off. He did ask for my number which I gave to him.

From what he tells me he has sheep on his farm for meat. He also has a chartered boat business. Nice guy a tiny bit old. He’s like 58. And I’m his first Asian and he hasn’t had sex for 11 months 😂

Today D messaged to say sorry and offered to shout me out to breakkie as a peace offering 😩 I’m still annoyed so no breakkie that’s for sure.

Then Mr Boardie messaged me to say he heard I had sex. Lol my neighbour must have told him about me and the farmer 😩 Hmmm may be I shouldn’t have matched them up 😩