We went off to the Tulip festival yesterday.


They were plentiful.

I think the yellow ones are my favourites.

my three little monkeys. That’s not so little anymore.

Van Gogh. All the sculptures were for sale.

After that we went to find lunch. And since it was still early we drove up the mountain.

My oldest was like don’t bring the tourists here mum. Just in case they close off the entrance and we can’t go anymore. The views were part of the park so didn’t have to pay. I think it’s the local’s secret as the tourist buses goes elsewhere and a car load costs $7.

We were very lucky as it was a clear day and you can see Melbourne in the distance.

After that we went to the Gardens.


The Gardens were free. It was really pretty.

The finale was dinner at a hot pot restaurant.

I do enjoy going day tripping with the kids.