So Mr Farmer spent the night at my place. Nothing happened as he had a sore tooth. Kept me up half the night going to the loo.

Note to self: no tea late at night 😂

I made him breakfast this morning and gave him two Ibuprofens (Nurofen) for his tooth ache.

This morning we went for a walk along the beach to the tram stop. He had to go back to the apartment to grab his antibiotics and also to check on his room mate who was down with a cold/flu.

We made plans to go out day tripping but because his friend was so sick we decided to just spend the day in Melbourne instead.

We visited the gardens. This thingy is a grotto built to welcome King George V and his wife to Melbourne for the Federation 1901 when they were still Duke and Duchess Cornwall and York.

Since then it’s been neglected and is more of an eye sore than a thing of beauty.

Our Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Amphitheatre.

The roof is made out of timber? Ply? Coated with an Aluminium coating.

King George V

We walked for about 3 hours. Weaving from one garden to the next. Afterwards we caught the tram to North Carlton for dinner.

Mr Farmer wanted spaghetti marinara and so that’s what we had. He paid for me.

What a great guy. I did enjoy his company. He’s full of surprises. He knew words to old songs. For a sheep farmer he really loved his music. It’s funny as I can’t seem to tie the two together. Farming sheep and listening to blue eyes and Bobby Darin.

It’s a pity he lives on the other side of the country and so much older.

One thing for sure he’ll make a good friend. I told him if ever he’s in Melbourne again give me a buzz. I’ll take him out again and next time it will be my shout.