My crush today. My crush of long ago. So very long ago.

He was my friend’s older brother. He’s cuter now than he was years ago.

The meeting kind of took me off guard. If I had stopped myself from marrying ex all those years ago would it have led me to where I am today?

I know if I didn’t I wouldn’t have my three wonderful kids right now.

I don’t regret them or the happy times we had. I would rather forget the bad times.

If I could turn back time. I’d have said to my younger self stop being so stubborn and let him go. Let him go so he can find a girl more suited. You’re not suited. Don’t pursue it.

At the moment I don’t like who I am. I don’t know how I got here.

Just sad and teary. Where did all those years went?

And just in case you’re all wondering, no he’s not available. He’s married to the most wonderful girl ever. I would never be able to compete with her. She is really nice.