Why is the number 21 so important? I mean does it separate men from boys?

Our yearly birthday shot. I didn’t have my camera today as I came straight from work.

And my boy is…count the candles ๐Ÿ˜‚

I’d forgotten all about the cake thus his sister got them for him.

His dad paid for dinner which was Peking duck.

My birthday gift to him is a set of driving lessons. It’s so he can brush up and go for his drivers.

Over here they get them after 18 but with 120 hours of driving or 21 without the 120 hours.

He’s only got about 40-50 hours. Anyhow I’m encouraging him to go for his drivers. His sister asked me why?

I told her look he’s trying to take the easy way out and well it might not work. So let put him to the test. If he fails may be he will practise more. It’s a win win.

Sometimes a person can’t see it but others can. It’s a way of appeasing him and making him see that it’s no good.