So I am up. The intercom people are dodgy as. The most unprofessional lot ever. I’ve paid for their call out and told them to forget about ordering the handset in.

It’s been weeks only for me to find out they haven’t ordered. It’s like didn’t I give you the okay? I’m sure I did from my email I sent you?

Then they got back to me saying oh they’ve got a spare one lying around that they can come out immediately to install for me. Yeh yeh well you’ve off now. Don’t mess with a peri -menopausal woman. She blows 😂

Don’t think the guy that came out knew what he was doing anyway. I want a second opinion.

This morning I googled for an intercom tech to find the intercom company had its office in the same suburb as where I live 😊

Today if I have time I will drive there. Show them the photos I’ve taken and see if they can help me.

As if it’s only the case of swapping the handset over then I’ll just buy a new one from them.

It looks easy enough. The board is screwed into the wall. There are two wires that’s attached to the board. Like you would install speakers wires. Simple enough for even me to install.

How hard can it be? Modern technology is great isn’t it? Take photos before you start and make sure the end results matches the photos. 😂

And to think they were going to charge me $210 to have it installed for me 😩

Some days you wonder.. I should have gone to the company first. It’s me trying to organise stuff so it’s done most efficiently that saw my downfall. My body corporate manager is a lazy bugger. I should have researched it myself.