First tour done and dusted. I can sleep easy tonight. Woke up a few times last night.

I finished my tour at 5pm on the dot. Luckily I had a great driver who knew where to go.

I ended up with a $5 tip and a new friend, my driver.

Best bit of all Mr Crown aka my fireman finally rang me. I saw his missed call as I was fiddling around and so now have his voice recorded in my voicemail 😂

Not only that he’s expressed interest in me visiting him overnight 😂

One thing that hit me today on the phone. He’s had a really bad day yet he still found time to ring me to ask how I was going. That meant a lot to me.

Apparently he had 4 fires to fight. He’s coordinating all week thus cannot leave his district. From the sound of it it’s hard work.

He told me he doesn’t dare drink just in case a fire breaks out and he has to drive to the location.

I’m in bed feeling happy. It’s been a stressful but great day. I’m grateful for my new life.