I’m slowly gathering information about him. My The One.

What I need. I don’t want a loud man. Nor one that’s cocky.

I quite like the quiet types. The ones that knows what they want and goes after it.

I am loud and always giggling silly. But if you dig you’ll find the other V. The one that most won’t know about. The quiet one. The one deep in thoughts.

The more guys I’m with the more I am collecting data.

Last night M told us. She won’t waste time ,settling for anything less. She wants a guy that’s well travelled, worldly and fit. She doesn’t want a boy or a puppy. You know the overly excited Russells.

I do like men to be men. One that leads and has rough hands. I’m not into the office types. I like ones that are a bit handy and can do hard yakka when required.

In saying that I do like men with intelligence and well wordly ones. One I can learn from.

Basically I like men that has more knowledge than me πŸ˜‚

I do like ones that can keep up with me. Not that I’m that hard to keep up.

And well humour would be nice too.

May be I’m asking for too much. What the heck. I’m not settling either.