I’m stuck at home for the next 3 hours waiting for my bed.

Texted Mr CFA yesterday wishing him a good day.

Then my friend where to meet. At the purse. One of our public arts.

Whilst waiting for her I went to buy a clicker to count. And of course I went wandering.

It always amazes me. It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen it before I’d still can see it over and over again.

Some more laneways

I love this sign šŸ˜‚

Mr UK has been very nice. He says he’ll drop off his kids early on Sunday morning so he can spend time with me.

He’s also working from home Monday and Tuesday.

I’ve contacted a pharmacist that used to work in Geelong. We are doing lunch on Monday. Would be nice to see her again.

I told Mr UK and his reply was it’s okie with him as long as it’s not a guy lol

I’m not sure what his intentions are being so nice to me. Here is hoping he doesn’t see me as a potential now that his Frenchie has let him go.