I love the luxury of an airport hotel. No stress whatsoever. First time I tried it out.

Checked in last night after dinner in the CBD or central business district. I relaxed with a drink from the bar then a phone call to Mr CFA.

My breakfast was promptly delivered at 5:06am. I ate, had a quick shower and left the hotel at 5:40am.

The boarding gate didn’t open until 40 minutes before the flight. Thus I had time to go buy a drink and the papers to read on the plane.

Mr UK texted me at 6:10am to wake me up 😂 it’s like 5:10am where he is as they don’t have daylight saving up there in Brisbane.

I’m so glad I splurged. When you think about it it’s good value if you travel as 2. $216 covers the night plus buffet breakfast for 2. At $36 per person for breakfast well it’s a no brainer.

I think I got a great deal considering it’s usually $345 or more a night.