Was a day of calamities.

He insisted that he’d come and pick me up from the airport thus I let him. We drove straight back to his apartment for cuddles.

And when we got there we couldn’t get inside as the kids must have deadlock and the agents gave him the wrong key?

So we cuddled in the car. Rang the locksmith. It was going to cost us $150 waited 45 minutes no one came so plan B came into play. We canceled the locksmith and drove to Bribie Island to go 4WD on the beach.

What you do is release your tyre pressure and off you go.

Anyhow this was the second calamity. We didn’t check the tides and it was high tide ie. we couldn’t drive on the compact sand and had to drive up higher near the dunes.

We only just got down to the beach and haven’t driven very far when we saw two cars bogged down already.

They had to dig out the sand from under then used boards. In the end the recovery straps came out with another 4WD lending them a hand.

Mr UK was so stressed as he’s never driven on the high side. So more pressure was then let out again.

The beautiful beach.

The old WWII fort

It would have been awfully hot to be stuck in there.

He told me later his 4WD is not the greatest and he didn’t have proper 4WD wheels. He was thinking if the other 4WD couldn’t get out he had no chance to.

Burnt trees and kangaroos

Third calamity was his pump. He had trouble pumping up the tyres to go back on the road.

In the end all went well. We had a quick car wash. Whilst he did that I googled and booked us a room.

We spent the night at Quest


And went to dinner at Happy Boy


We had the many mushroom and twice cooked beef ribs. It was yum.

So the day got better and better 😊