We had a grab and go breakfast at the motel.

The bed was good and so was the shower. What more could you ask for? For $165. Breakfast inclusive.

After that we went to get the locksmith sorted out. Drove back to the apartment and parked the car there.

And since we were locked out he took me to go wait at this cafe. It’s a cool place. It’s a motorbike repair shop slashed bar slashed cafe slashed barber.

Then he took me down the street to show me where to go for Asian groceries and he went home to wait for the locksmith.

It took me an hour to grab groceries and I had just enough time to quickly freshened up for lunch with a colleague.

So nice to catch up with her. Haven’t seen her since she left 5 years ago? Or more?

The bridge

The river

The Casino

It was so hot I didn’t get far. I went over to Southbank to grab an ice cream from Messina then went to the Art Galleries to cool off. Nothing much to see so I walked back.

Was thinking I hate this heat. It’s only 29C and muggy as. I mean Melbourne does get up to 40C+ but it’s bearable as it’s dry heat.

The muggy day just makes you so tired.

Custom house. The dome reminds me of Melbourne’s Flinders St station. May be both were built at around the same time?

I got back around 4:30pm to cook dinner. Reason being was he wanted Viet and from experience Viet in Brisbane is pretty crap. Plus I wanted to teach him dishes that he could cook easily when he craves Viet.

He was quite impressed. We had silken tofu, garlic chives and meat ball soup. Caramelised salmon, spinach stir fried with tofu cheese sauce.

Rest of the marinated mince, I stuffed the tomatoes for another meal.

One good thing his apartment is in Fortitude Valley thus very close to Chinatown and the city. It took me 5 minutes to walk one way to grab Asian groceries and 5 minutes the other to go to Woolies (Woolworths) for supermarket stuff.

Took me 15-20 minutes to walk into the CBD. Apartments are cheap up there, $400/ week would get you a 2 bedrooms apartment, walking distance to the river. He had a park in front of his place. I did notice a few homeless people loitering around.