I bawled my eyes out the night before. Grieving for Mr Crown. Both of us were really tired the next day having midnight talks.

I woke up and well waited for 7am for the local cafes to open for breakfast. He didn’t want to come along as he wanted to FaceTime his Frenchie. He was also expecting a conference call at 8am for work. So I left. I offered to buy him coffee on the way back and he declined.

Now this is the reason I don’t like Brisbane. Breakfast was mediocre and coffee? Yuck. They made my latte so milky I couldn’t taste the coffee.

On way to breakfast.

How funky? Fortitude Valley is full of bars and nightlife. Still an up and coming and quite shonky area.

Day 3 wasn’t much of a travelling day. I hanged around for half the day as I didn’t want to go out in the heat and he kept on insisting that I did. I wasn’t too prepared either so my mobile was flat. After charging it up for a bit I thought why not.

He needed to work and was annoyed at me for wasting time. I really couldn’t care less. I was so sick of Brisbane by then and not enough sleep made me listless.

Anyhow I was glad to go wandering. The cool breezes helped. No not breezes more like gusts of wind.

I downloaded the heritage map and off I went.

The Regent Theatre. Quite different from the Melbourne one. Though both were built at the same time 1929.

The town Hall. Supposed to have a dome? I ummm missed it as was worried I didn’t have enough power on my phone. I was using maps and it drains the battery too quick.

Their churches are not like Melbourne ones. Ours used a lot of blue stone/ basalt as Victoria is full of volcanoes.

Another church

I pretty much followed the map. Art school?

The people’s palace.

Old Bomb shelter?

A park. It was a lot of steps.

The old mill where the convicts had to go on tread mills to grind up the grains? I love the Jacaranda. They were all in bloom.

Another church

An old house

ANZACs square

Sculptures of remembrance. Pretty little square.

Post office?

Haven’t looked up to see what the sculpture is of?

Up close

Their Cathedral. Not as impressive as ours ๐Ÿ˜‚

And that is pretty much it. Took me a couple of hours to do. I missed a few as either couldn’t find it or it didn’t look interesting enough.


The walking trails. You just download and off you go.

Dialogue. Not that they are talking much?

You can download the lime app? To hire one of these to zoom around ?

He drove me to the airport just after 5pm.

I studied with snacks.

Jetstar was very strict with their carry ons. 7kg or you have to pay extra to carry on. I knew I might be in trouble so took out a jacket and my 1L drink bottle just in case. I had 6kg in Melbourne and I only bought a hat ๐Ÿ˜‚ . Back packs are great as no steel or aluminium which means you can pack more.

Then once I reached Melbourne caught the SkyBus back to Southern Cross. Taxi ride was around $16. I gave him $25 since it was after midnight. Told him to keep the change for coffee. $25 plus $18.50 for SkyBus instead of $70-80 by taxi direct.

I know Southern Cross Station really well and the taxi rank is just right next to the SkyBus exit. Pretty handy.