I didn’t send Mr Crown that message after all. I chickened out.

All I wrote was I was sorry for pushing him. It’s infuriating but I’ve accepted that well may be he’s a slow burner. A careful person and that’s what it is. I go by my instincts. Let see if my instincts are right.

I’ll just leave it at that and may be start looking around. If we end up together then so be it. If not then it’s okie too.

For now we text to each other. It’s an easy companionship when we do talk on the phone. I liked it spending time with him. Now I just need him to see that too. May be time to pray to my grandma to ask please let him be the one.

V: Sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to push. It’s not my character. Not very patient, one of my weaker traits. Trying hard

M: No worries. Enjoy the rest of your time up there!