I texted him today and found out he had manflu. I couldn’t let go.

So this afternoon I made soup. Was going to drive it up to him after my tour tomorrow.

Texted him before asking if he was going to be home. He’s been deployed to the Mallee region as it’s total fire ban tomorrow. That’s like in the whoop whoop.

The Mallee region is the northern part of Victoria from the South Australian border stretching to Swan Hill.

He lives in Echuca which is Bendigo follow up to where pink and yellow line meet. I live where that blue bubble is 😂

Pink line is the border of our states.

They are short staffed as they’ve sent their firefighters to NSW to help fight fires up there.

Guess that’s it. Can’t say I didn’t try. Fate has not been kind.

My pot of soup will end up in the freezer.

Went out to coffee today with Mr Bumble. He’s okie. Ticked most boxes.

  • Grown child , 22 years old have moved out
  • 57 years old
  • Fit
  • Tall, 6ft
  • Cute
  • Own teeth, own hair
  • Financially stable
  • He was keen to meet after matching me on Bumble this morning.
  • What more can I ask for right? Why the hell am I pining after Mr Crown?