We were late back but it was okie as the other coaches were late too. It’s because we detoured so the clients could see something of Melbourne.

I had the best coach ever. A really nice driver and no pukes. They had a code red on the ship..gastro. We didn’t find out until afterwards.

Anyhow it seemed I picked a lucky one. No pukes. Everyone was nice. Not as rowdy as the last lot. I got tips too. Had enough for a coffee each. I shared half with the driver.

Another tour under my belt. Need to be better prepared. Learn more stuff. Save more into my iPad.

So happy. Couldn’t sleep last night. It’s driving me bonkers.

I tested Mr Bumble yesterday. Asked him if he’s one of those that’s after free milk and doesn’t want to buy the cow.

He replied no I want the cow so I can milk it.

Anyhow I’m going to play hard to get and let him wait. He’s going to have to wine and dine me first.

He’s too into sex. I’m not sold on him as yet.