Surprised. I got to the place early. Found his house okie.

It was all set up and nothing left to do. He got me to cut up bread. And butter it. We talked about stuff. His kids floated in one by one.

Great kids, very well brought up. He had so many friends. All mixed up from different groups.

There were family, old friends and new friends.

It’s strange that people thought we were dating. One said to me he thought I was dating as I knew where stuff was.

A few asked me what I thought of the host? As in do I like him as a friend or do I like him more? I replied laughingly I’m not telling 😂

Anyhow now I’m confused. Not sure why he invited me. Not sure why he’s mixing me in with his crowd.

One thing though. He’s impressed me with how he runs his household. The kids help out and the house is spotless.

I’m like you’re a guy and your house is cleaner than mine 😂

This relationship is taking a strange turn. I’m not sure where it’s going but I like it.

“Thank you V, was nice having you here tonight, catch up with you soon xx”