Have been extra busy between work and my liaisons 😂

This was our dinner on Friday. I’ve tweaked the recipe to my liking. It was yum. Hawaiian style prawns in a creamy sauce. Pure indulgence.

Me feeling sexy. Wore this under a singlet when I went for a walk with Mr Boardie on Saturday.

Bad news my tour has been cancelled this Friday. Am I sad? Nope. I’m relieved as got next two days to relax. I’ve had a mad week at work.

Tomorrow is going to get up to 39C or 102F it’s going to be a boiler 😩

Here is hoping today is not so mad but I doubt it. Had a look at the work load for today and I nearly didn’t want to come in to work.

Since I was early I did groceries. Having a salad sandwich for lunch. Also bought scones for our morning tea and a kabana to snack on. We’ll need the extra snacks today.

Plus it will be three weeks before I see my tech again. She’s going on holidays. I’ll be relieving her next week apart from my usual day. Extra money helps. Not sure about the work though. It’s mad. Pre-Christmas madness.

A girl I used to work with congratulated me on LinkedIn this morning. I’ve worked here for a year now. Time flies.

Looking forward to Thursday. Another catch up with Mr Host from Saturday. Will be interesting as I’ve offered for him to be my FWB. Not sure now a bit shy as I’m seeing him as a potential😩