He calls me Shiny. I don’t know what happened. Last night he came over for a cuppa and somehow stayed the night.

He’s keen to get me to be his girl friend. He joked I’ve got a cute place that could be easily rented out when I move in with him , into his 4 bedrooms house in Parkdale.

He told me he’s dated 12-15 girls in the last 10 months and I’m it. I’m the one.

He was trying to convince me we’d have a great life together.

Only thing is he’s flunked his test drive badly. He says it’s because he’s got the condom on 😩

Anyhow he’s agreed to 3 months of seeing me as a friend which he’s back tracked to dating aka kissing involved before we try again with sex but with no condoms.

It means we both will be getting tests. And being monogamous.

I want him to use those 3 months to lose more weight. Also it means he’ll be single by the time those 3 months are up. As he hasn’t filed as yet.

If he fails again that’s it. I don’t even know why I am giving him another chance 😩

He’s kind of wormed his way in. Last night he remarked I can get away with murder with you 😩

May be I’m a softie. My in charge was like you can do better than that. He’s got money so he thinks he can have anyone or anything.

May be she’s right. He’s already trying to plan my life.