He’s really trying his hardest. He took me for a walk to St Kilda to buy my roller skates. He also bought a pair. He wanted to pay and I declined.

I used to remember how much I loved to roller skate when I was younger and so I’m going to start skating again.

We decided to dress up for dinner and off we went.

He opened the car door for me and you know the whole gentlemen thingy. Like pulling my seat out for me at the restaurant .

We went to Pier Farm in Williamstown and he joked that if we ever have a wedding it will be here on the deck.


He also joked his mum lived down the road in Altona and did I want to drop in to see her for a cuppa?

After dinner we went for a long drive along the bay. He wanted to show me his house. Where he wants me to move in if we ever.

We detoured for him to show me where his kids lived and for me to show him where my sister lived. All in the same suburb. One street from each other. I joked you can go visit your kids and I’ll go and visit my sister 😂

Needless to say he stayed overnight. We only had about 1.5-2 hours of sleep last night. We spent most of the night kissing, cuddling and talking. We talked a lot.

This morning we had a hot drink and toast and he dropped me off at the Gardens. A few minutes later he sent me a poem he wrote.

It’s called Shiny

“Yesterday, kissing your neck,

That was warmed by the sun,

Truly Shiny,

I think you’re the one.

The touch of your hand,

Your kiss had me done,

Truly Shiny,

I think you’re the one,

You make my blood boil,

More than anyone,

Truly Shiny,

I think you’re the one.

Fuck those crosses,

I think they’re done,

Truly Shiny,

I think you’re the one.

The thought of our future,

Together as one,

Truly Shiny,

I think you’re the one.

Just let me get through,

This short journey I’m on,

Then truly Shiny,

You will be my one.”

I just pulled over to write it


I hope you like it. It comes from my heart to yours